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Scene report on Jam Cruise from sax man Justin Pinckney

Roanoke Times - July 12, 2018

Justin Pinckney, roving sax player and cool guy whose regular gig is Lazy Man Dub Band, went to Jam Cruise again this year. I asked him to write about it. He did! It follows, edited lightly.

This was the 16th year. It was the fourth one for me and my best friend Tony, who now lives in Boulder, Colorado. That meant we gained “Repeat Offender” status.

Enough can’t be said about this. If you love live music, with improvisation, played with heart, you’ll love it. It’s so hard to describe. I’ve been to Red Rocks, The Gorge at George, Hulaween, New Orleans Jazz Fest, and of course Floydfest. Jam Cruise somehow combines all of these experiences into one trip.

It’s not just the music. It’s a chance to step foot across the ocean on the Caribbean if you like. But number one is the PEOPLE. If you’ve been to Floydfest, this statement will hit you right in the heart. Because there are only about two thousand that go on the cruise, this is part of what makes it so special.

Every year that I’ve come back, I’ve talked about it. But two years ago, five more of our friends actually heard me and decided to book their trip and go as well. Now they are hooked and this trip that I thought could not get any better has continued to get even better, and what I’ve known all along finally became apparent.

I have connected to people who share this same passion across the U.S.A. — musicians like myself, artists, chefs, lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, retirees, millennials, etc., from Denver to Atlanta to Queens New York, Midwest and some that may be from another planet…lol.

Performers included Marcus King Band, Holly Bolling, George Porter from the Meters, Roosevelt Collier, Members of Galactic, Turkuaz, etc., all on just ONE song from a Super Jam Set at 2 p.m. on day three of five; YES all of them were on stage plus more.

Enough said, I’m literally pre-booking for next year now. Who’s with me?