Pre-Book For Jam Cruise 18!

Why Pre-book?
Purchasing a Pre-book for Jam Cruise 18 gets you an early spot in line for cabin selection. This will give you the opportunity to get the perfect cabin for the best Jam Cruise experience possible. How early you pre-book, as well as how many Jam Cruises you’ve attended, will determine where you are in line. Purchase your Pre-book early for the best booking time possible!

What does it cost?
A Pre-book requires a $250 deposit. The cost of your cabin will vary depending on your cabin size, location and number of occupants. This $250 deposit will be applied towards your final cost. Only ONE Pre-book can be applied per cabin. You will receive a Pre-book Token via email that will allow you to book your cabin when the time comes based on the criteria below.

OK, Lets do it!

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